Sunday, August 5, 2012

What Makes Them Educational

Today the market is flooded with many educational toy stores selling so called educational toys and products, there are indeed many to choose from, but what really makes a toy educational?
You could actually call playing a video game with action and violence educational, but is this the kind of education you want for your child? This can only be compared to a silly TV advert for a chocolate spread, declaring itself as a healthy breakfast spread for children as it had hazelnuts in it, but they forgot to mention other ingredients such as sugar and coco. hmmm
So the same can be said for many educational toys and learning products. Even us as adults when we have to do something we don't enjoy how hard is it to succeed and excel? Very!!
Do something you enjoy and you'll succeed and excel so much easier. With children, especially very young children it's all very black and white, if they don't enjoy doing something they simply will not do it.
Generally things such as video games offer much more interest than picking up a maths book, it has lots of bright lights, many things happening at once, and it only takes a short while to learn. Look at how good many children become at certain video games, it's amazing how quickly they can advance when they enjoy doing something.
So this really says it all, make something very interesting for them and they'll learn and advance quicker than you ever though possible. This is where educational toys and products come in; don't be taken in by all the glitter of the latest flashy so called educational wonder products.
Firstly you have to know the subject you'd like them to learn or improve in, don't just buy products blindly, this is both a waste of time and money, if you buy something that does not provide what they need, then you'll find yourself buying another and another. When looking around for educational products think back to when you were their age, become a child for a few minutes, how would the product have interested you then? Many of the educational toy manufacturers know their markets very well, but they do not know your child, the only person who does is you.
An educational toy should act as the catalyst in creating the initial spark of interest in the chosen subject, once this has been achieved, which is one of the hardest parts of learning, further educational and learning will be more interesting and thus making it easier to excel in a chosen subject.

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